Teach Pendant Capable

Typically robots used for motion control, material handling, welding and other industries need to be taught their role in the manufacturing process.

A teach pendant is used to program a robot's motions, and are typically handheld devices so that the motion control can be viewed in various directions.

Once the robot is set to "teach" mode, the pendant can control the robot’s motion step-by-step. With each step, the pendant moves the robot’s arm to specific X-Y-Z coordinates or jogs the arm in increments until the desired position is reached, and sets the speed at which the arms move. These steps are recorded and stored so that they can then be used during normal operation.

As a robot teach pendant solution, the HMIQ provides a variety of hardware, software and interface options.


Animated HMIQ
A ruggedized HMI 7-inch Android tablet with:
  • Optional E-stop to meet safety requirements
  • Comfortable and fatigue-free handling with either hand
  • Capabilities for using email, messaging and third-party apps
  • Front mounted, 9-button hardened tactile keypad available
  • erial port to communicate with an external device
  • Front and rear facing cameras
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi ready
  • Ability to connect to a host and act as a wireless device


You can design custom user interfaces on the HMIQ “Drag and Drop” WYSIWYG platform:
  • Use the dynamic layout feature to allow users to switch screens using buttons or host commands
  • Create iInfinite combinations of colors, text, displays and keypads available
  • White Label your company’s logo or product branding
  • Deploy the custom interface on multiple hardware devices
  • Store and update the custom interface in seconds over the cloud
  • Secure multi-level password protection
  • Send unlimited ASCII strings on key press and release
  • Enable Kiosk mode to prevent users from accessing other applications

There is also an optional SDK that enables developers to create their own Andriod HMIQ app

HMIQ Developer Portal


Interface Connections
The Interface module on the back of the HMIQ provides power and provide your choice of RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 communications for connection to a robot. Options include modular (RJ-11), DE-9 Male, DE-9 Female and permanent wire connections.

You can set the communications parameters for the HMIQ using the developer portal or from an application developed with the HMIQ SDK.