A double-pole Emergency Stop (E-Stop) is optionally available. The E-Stop switch has a push-off, turn-reset motion. A fully depressed E-Stop opens all the circuits and can bring the machinery to a complete halt.

Liveman Switch

A 3-position Liveman switch is optionally available and provides a closed circuit when depressed to a midpoint. A fully released or depressed switch opens the switch circuit, which could cause the machine to stop operation.
3 Position Liveman Switch

Interface Connections

An Interface module (located on the back) provides power and hard-wired communications for connection to an external device. A serial port for RS-232 communication including CMOS/TTL is standard. RS-422, RS-485 and USB 2.0 are optionally available.
Interface Connections


Scan Engine
An optional scan engine incorporates Honeywell’s N6603 Series Adaptus 6.0 technology that features white illumination for unparalleled 1D, 2D and QR Code scanning performance - making it easy to decode hard-to-read barcodes and tolerate challenging ambient light environments.

Mounting Bracket

This optional stainless steel wire bracket can be easily mounted to a variety of surfaces using two 5/16-24 screws (mounting plate, hardware, and mount not included).
Wire Bracketns