A new concept in HMI (Human Machine Interface) and Teach Pendant technology is here! Featuring advanced hardware and an Android operating system. With a cloud-based WYSIWYG user interface, the HMIQ provides you with a smarter way to design an HMI interface.
High performance 7-inch ruggedized tablet with full-color touchscreen display.
Create your own HMI with custom GUI keypads, custom key outputs and custom labeled keys on our rugged Android terminal.
What is HMIQ

A ruggedized HMI 7-inch Android tablet with:
  • Optional E-stop to meet safety requirements
  • Comfortable and fatigue-free handling by right-handed and left-handed persons
  • Android 7.0 provides additional capabilities such as email, messaging and third-party apps
  • Front mounted, 9-button hardened tactile keypad available
  • Serial port for RS-232 communication
  • Front and rear facing cameras
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi ready
  • Ability to connect to a host and also act as a rugged wireless device where browsing, e-mail and messaging can be used


  • Design custom user interfaces on the “Drag and Drop” WYSIWYG platform
  • Dynamic layout allows users to switch screens using buttons or host commands
  • Infinite combinations of colors, text, displays and keypads available
  • White Label your company’s logo or product branding
  • Deploy the custom interface on multiple hardware devices
  • Store and update the custom interface in seconds over the cloud
  • Secure multi-level password protection
  • Send unlimited ASCII strings on key press and release
  • Kiosk mode prevents users from accessing other applications
  • Optional SDK enables developers to create their own HMIQ app
Teach Pendant Capabilities

Need a teach pendant, the HMIQ has it: Customizable interface with multiscreen ability, using our cloud-based WYSIWYG user interface, enables you to design an application that fits your needs such as robotics, motion control, material handling, process control or welding.

For Safety:

  • The optional double-pole E-Stop has a push-off, turn-reset motion. A fully depressed E-Stop opens all the circuits and can bring the machinery to a complete halt.
  • A 3-position Liveman switch is also optionally available and provides a closed circuit when depressed to a midpoint. A fully released or depressed switch opens the switch circuit, which could cause the machine
  • Optional joystick and LED buttons panel that in emergencies can send commands to the host independently of the Android interface.
  • The HMIQ housing is made of a glass filled polycarbonate resin, one of the most durable chemical resistant materials available today, and protects the device from dust, moisture, and shock.

The HMIQ SDK takes HMI development to the next level. Some of the major reasons why HMI engineers and developers may want to create an HMI application using the HMIQ.

  • The Android Operating System: The Android operating system used by the HMIQ offer features that do not exist in conventional HMI devices, such as GPS, messaging and access to multiple mission specific applications.
  • Functionality: Abiity to control serial communication, LEDs, keypad and more.
  • Security: The HMIQ can have several layers of security, such as, using a password or PIN to access the HMI device.
  • Full-color Touchscreen Display: Conventional HMI displays have size and character limitations. The HMIQ 7-inch HD Active Matrix Touchscreen with LCD Backlight Technology provides an extra-large canvas to design applications with Infinite combinations of colors, text, displays and keypads.


Create infinite combinations of colors, text, displays and keypads

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